Immersive Technologies

Digging Simulation Improvements

Working in a team of 4 software developers I worked on several C++ and C# projects to improve excavator, shovel, dragline, wheel loader and dozer simulations. These projects included updating loader spotting behaviour to a new quick spotting method, improving the visual quality of sand simulation and a new training event to teach the correct response to a bench collapse. My involvement in this team also included prioritization of development tasks and preparing internal demonstration videos of implemented features for stakeholders.

Customer Demonstration Software Contact

During my time at Immersive Technologies I acted as a software point of contact for customer demonstrations. My role was to coordinate with marketing to ensure our simulations were prepared for internal and external customer demonstrations as well as assist with the demonstration. This either involved operating the simulation or directly talking with customers about the simulation and simulated machines.

Release Lead - Trucks Department

My responsibilities as release lead of the trucks department consisted of overseeing the quality of truck simulations before major releases. I maintained the backlog of testing and improvement tasks and prioritized tasks with the product owner. I led a small team of developers and was responsible for ensuring tasks were progressing at daily standups. Development tasks consisted of improving the way our C++ and C# codebase and customer data was tested. My most notable accomplishments were improvements to our customer database summarising tool which gave us information about customer usage and further automating our custom mine site testing. My role also involved extensive user testing of our simulations in both a development and simulator environment.

Sandvik DD-420 Jumbo Drill Training Simulation

My role in the development of the Jumbo Drill training simulation was as a part of the Agile software development team. I was responsible for implementing prioritized development tasks involving C++, C# and SQL in a team of four software developers. During my on the project I worked on implementing core features of the machine in the simulation engine as well as integrating the machine to the SimControl administration software.

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